The Historical Radio Society of Australia    Incorporated in Victoria A22838K
Main Auctions in Melbourne

The HRSA Main Auctions are held at the Stirling College Mulgrave.

Members only - a chance to acquire rare and interesting radios, so if you are not a member, click on "Join now"!

Viewing is at 11am, Auction starts at 12 noon.

Dates may be subject to change, so check with a committee member if you are traveling a long distance:

Saturday April 6th

Saturday August 3rd

Saturday November 2nd.

A map will be added soon.

How to lodge your list of Auction items ...

1/ Using the Auction Form link below is very much preferred. If you don't have Excel, you can use the PDF link.

Please type directly into the Auction Form below which is
in Excel format, save and email to Michael Justin.

When you click on the link below, the form should automatically
download to your computer.

The quantity of your lots depends on how full the Auction is, and
the quality of the items. Radios in very good condition are given priority.

Auction Sellers sheet, click HERE

Tips on downloading the Seller's form

1/ Click on the link
2/ The file will automatically download to your desktop
3/ Control-click on the file - and choose “open with Numbers App”
4/ Type your sales in, save as Excel and
5/ Email to Michael Justin

1/ Click on the link
2/ The file will automatically download to your desktop
3/ Open the file.
4/ Depending on your PC, you may receive a number of error messages.
5/ An example work-around is below
6/ Type your sales in, save and
7/ Email to Michael Justin

When you click on the link on the site, if you see nothing, look for an icon on the tool bar at the bottom left hand screen.

PC: Example of working through the error messages …
(a) Click on the downloaded file to Run it.
(b) Error Message says: ”We have found a problem…” YES or NO
(c) Click on YES
(d) Form is displayed with a Yellow Ribbon
(e) click on “Enable Editing”
(f) Message saying “Excel completed file level validation…..”
(g) Click on CLOSE

The form is ready to be filled in and saved.

Then email the completed form to Michael.

Click on the graphic to e-mail the completed form to Michael. Click HERE to email Michael

You will receive confirmation of your lot numbers and
quantity from Michael via email.

If you don't have Excel (PC) or Numbers (Mac) in your computer, please follow the steps below...

Click on the PDF link below.
• Print it out
• Fill it in
• Rescan and email to Michael

or by snail mail ...
HRSA Auctions
PO Box 356
Dingley Village 3172

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