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Class Auction
August 3rd, 2019

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Stirling Theological College,
44-60 Jacksons Rd, Mulgrave

Members only, so join now for this rare opportunity
to add rare radios and even very rare radios to your collection

More details below, including payment options and map to location

One of two cream marbled Empire State Radios. This one was previously featured in a historic radio Calendar

AWA model C104 1933

Lot 76

Lot 77

Lot 78

Lot 79

Lot 80

Lot 81

Lot 82

Lot 83

Lot 84

Lot 85

Lot 109

Lot 110

Lot 111

Lot 112

Lot 113

Lot 114

Lot 115

Lot 116

Lot 117

Lot 118

Lot 119


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Lot 38 AWA Radiola 48R Empire State and Lot 39 Radiola Big Brother R 51, Brown cabinet

Click on the Class Auction logo above for the Catalogue.
Now updated

Payment terms:
EFTPOS, Credit Cards, Cheque and Cash

Stirling Theological College,
44-60 Jacksons Rd, Mulgrave

Open for inspection at 11am

Auction starts at 12 noon

Food available on site, we recommend ordering when you arrive
to avoid the lunch-time rush and to ensure
you have your first choice.

Plenty of parking places

Disabled access

Guide and Rules:

• Payment terms: EFTPOS, Credit Cards, Cheque and Cash
• Only transactions where the card is present and the transaction is approved via the EFTPOS terminal are authorised for CommunityPOSฎ.
• Mail/Telephone Order (MOTO) transactions are not accepted.
• MasterCard credit, Visa credit, and all domestic debit card transactions are accepted.
• If your payment is rejected by the bank afterwards, you are liable for their fees.

• Sellers only in the hall until 11am
• No trading prior to the Auction
• Viewing finishes at 12 noon, so all members should be in the Theatre
• The Auctioneer's decision is final
• Make your bid quick and clear. If the hammer falls and your bid has not been noticed, the Auctioneer declares the lot sold.
• Consider waving your card high and if there is any chance you are not noticed, say YES, loudly.
• Due to the quality of the lots, LOOK but don't TOUCH.
• No inspecting of radios won by other bidders afterwards
• The side door at the top is closed on the day
• Please pay special attention to place your lots in numerical order.
• If there does not seem to be enough space in your section, please ask a Committee member to make room.
• Big items may be best on the floor
• Consoles are often placed at end of row
• Please avoid stepping on our video cables
• Not for profit. As the HRSA is a Not For Profit, for the benefit of members, we are governed by Government Rules. These include not gaining a commercial benefit by being a member. So radios should not be purchased and soon on Ebay or other commercial outlet. Exceptions might be: when a member is later down-sizing and needs to on-sell his collection, or "value-added" works have been completed, like restoration. If in doubt, ask a committee member.
• No goods may leave the building until payment is made and you show your paperwork to check-out.


• access to member's only Auctions and sales
• The quarterly full colour magazine
• Circuit service
• Help and advice
• Members only spares, like 50,000 valves
• high voltage capacitors
• Service and technical manuals

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