The Historical Radio Society of Australia    Incorporated in Victoria A22838K
Membership - join the HRSA
or renew membership

Click HERE for an Application form

and email to the Membership Secretary
at "Contact Membership" below,

or post to ...
Membership Secretary,
P.O. Box 7081,
Spring Gully,
Victoria 3550, Australia.

Annual subscription, including the quarterly
Radio Waves magazine, is July to June
Australia $40, overseas A$60

New Members and Renewing Members -

The Bank Account for Membership dues has changed.
Please make payments to the Bendigo Bank account shown on the latest Membership form.

We need to know who you are
Please QUOTE YOUR MEMBERSHIP NUMBER, SURNAME and INITIAL in the description section while doing EFT/Internet banking/Direct Deposit. This will ensure you continue to receive Radio Waves and access to parts and Auctions.
Please confirm your banking and details by mailing the completed Membership form to the Membership Secretary address at the top of the form.

Overseas Subscribers.
Your payment by Bank Draft or other method needs to be in Australian Dollars please. If you remit in your local currency, then the bank charges the HRSA nearly half the amount paid, which is already below cost, due to international postal charges.

No mixed orders
Only send membership payments to the membership secretary please, not a mixed order. An example of mixed order: “please renew my membership, and I want three valves and a HRSA book”. Mixed orders create a massive increase in workload, so will be returned unprocessed.

The Society is governed by model rules set out by Government for all registered not for profit Associations and appended by the HRSA for our particular requirements. They include reasonable conduct within and outside the HRSA, including honesty.
They also state as the HRSA is a not for profit organisation. Therefore the HRSA sales or auctions of Radios and associated spares, books and the like are to further member’s collections and should not be sold for profit, on say Ebay.
Possible exceptions are: 1/ Sale after value-adding, like repairs and
2/ Sale of deceased estates - especially member’s sales.
If in doubt, please contact the President or Vice-President.

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