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August 2019 - updated website. Information and articles covering British, European and American vintage radio, with a bias to the 1930's and Art Deco. When selecting an item, please ensure the frequencies are right for Australia and the price you pay is likely to attract GST on arrival in Australia.
Tube & Valve Cross Reference

Technical Tips 1920-1930s

One Tube Desert Island Radio 1935

 Radio Art 1920-1930s

 Classic Radio Gallery

 Spitfire Solid State AM MW & SW Transmitter

iTx Tube AM MW & SW Transmitter (Kit)

 90 Volt Battery Eliminator

Two Tube Regenerative Receiver (Kit)

Tube Super Heterodyne Radio Kit

SDR Software Defined Radio
50MHz Frequency Counter with IF Offset

40MHz Programable VFO Module

Mosquito 1 Watt AM Transmitter

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