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Radio Circuits

The supply of circuits is a HRSA members only service, managed by Bruce Wilkie.

FIRST STEP: Search our HRSA books at the link below.

The HRSA also has speciality books available for members with circuits and information not available elsewhere.

Also search on the web for the circuit you want, including the links below.

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Search for a Circuit in the HRSA books, Click HERE

To look for a specific radio or model in HRSA books...

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Contact details for the Valve Bank and Book Sales are in Radio Waves magazine.

Silicon Chip magazine has a CD with Vintage Radio restoration Articles from 1997 to 2018. Many written by HRSA members.
$60 for the CD, $50 for a download. 
Click HERE

HRSA Radio Waves Magazine has articles on the restoration of specific radios.

Radio Waves magazines listed on the Radio Museum, Click HERE

For HRSA members:
Rod Humphris has a collection of (mainly) consumer electronics and test equipment circuit diagrams plus service manuals, all on a hard disk
If any members would like a copy of the collection, you are very welcome to some or all
He needs a 1 terabyte drive for 2 days to copy them
If you drop a small portable hard drive off, you should be able to get it back the next day (He would prefer a prompt pickup)

There are a total of 341,775 schematics and service manuals to date (700gig)

These comprise:
* Radio, TV, test equipment,
* audio,
* CD,
* DVD,
* computer,
* Power supply,
* record players,
* speakers,
* amps (valve & transistor), etc

The radio circuits section has 153,522 schematics and service manuals (174gig). It includes Aust, UK, Euro, USA, Japan, China, etc, valve & solid state.

There are also a lot of books (eg, Radiotron Designers Handbook, etc), most transistor & valve data books (all RCA & Miniwatt7 valve books)
The cost: Nil to members

Rod Humphris
Unit 4 / 1 Spring Street
Ferntree Gully 3156
Rodhtv (at) bigpond. com
03 9753 6141
Click HERE

If you cannot find the circuit you want on-line or in our books, click on the email symbol to ask Bruce for a circuit:
bmwilkie6 (at) bigpond .com

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